Grand River Enterprises is committed to sustainable growth, both agriculturally and economically. We create a best-in-class product, enabling entrepreneurship which supports economic sovereignty and community prosperity. From our farmers to our distributors and store owners, our collaborative approach to doing business ensures growth that sustains our communities and every stakeholder in our process.



The significance of tobacco to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), the growing of tobacco from a family in southern Ontario. Tobacco is of great significance to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois). Tobacco has also become a commercial product and the process of growing is shown through the eyes of a generational family of tobacco growers in southern Ontario. Before the tobacco gets to GRE, there is a lot of thought and care put into how to grow the plant and sustain the land. GRE continues that thought and care while working with that tobacco during its processes.



A language is what helps defines a culture. Preservation of First Nation languages is paramount to the continued strengthening of all First Nations communities. Teachers and students at Six Nations talk about the process of teaching and learning language and how it affects their lives. GRE supports language preservation and community involvement in language for the future of our communities.

Six Nations All Stars

Six Nations All Stars

Six Nations has been very fortunate to have many members achieve success in their respective fields. A focus on a few individuals carrying the flag of the Haudenosaunee into mainstream culture. A small taste of the talent pool that exists on First Nation Territories, and a message of hope to the next generation that anything is achievable.

A Day in the Life of GRE Employees

A Day in the Life of GRE Employees

A celebration of the female power that exists at GRE and a day in the life at GRE for various positions. A spotlight on a young mother, a female director, and also how GRE values family and how it supports family and community.