A Legacy Built on Heritage, Tradition, and Culture
A Legacy Built on Heritage, Tradition, and Culture

Our Vision

GRE began as a way to create an economic base for our people. It was the hope of the original owners that future generations would take that good work and create their own paths, create their own areas of commerce, so that eventually and within our lifetime, we can support ourselves using our own businesses, independent of governmental funding.
That’s the way we see GRE’s future... and what GRE’s intentions are in the long term.

Infographic showing GRE is the largest private indigenous owned company in the world, founded in 1993 with over 50 distributors across the globe

Our Employees

We realize that the people who work here spend as much time here in our facility as they do in their own homes. It’s important for us to make sure that we create a welcoming place.
The employees give us so much… and we try to find ways to give some of it back.